What is x9t9?

There is no better way to explain what is x9t9 than this : we take stupid devices and make them smart. So now you ask yourself, what is a stupid device ? and what is a smart one ? Good question. Today everyone is talking about smart homes. smart cities. smart devices . and today they call it - IOT. But turning a light bulb, or air condition, or your laundry machine ON and OFF with your phone does not make it smart. This is Just a glorified switch.
Smart is data. Smart is control and analytics.

System Architecture

Engineers know a lot about little. Architects know little about a lot. System architecture is a very important aspect of the development process, easily and frequently overlooked by both entrepreneurs and their engineers. We design the system just like an architect design a building. the only difference is that we also execute, resource and manufacture. key in hand.

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